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Hi All,

I noticed many camp sites don't take bookings as a booking system a costly investment for them and numerous only have an income part of the year.
At the same time I noticed the majority of campers would prefer to prebook so they can rest assured their pitch is available when they arrive.


So I thought I create a camping website where camper can search, find, book and review camp sites & parks and site owners can advertise their business and services without the need for a booking system.
We have gathered already a lot of public information about the sites; All a camp site owner has to do is login (edit the information if/when required) and indicate how many pitches they wish to make available for prebooking.
Unbooked pitches can be given to 'walk-ins' (after a certain time of day) and if they overbook on the site, they have the option to add more available pitches (if any).

I hear you thinking... is this service for free??? Well, yes and no... I have overheads (pay for the domain, the server to host the website, development and advertising), so what we'll do is that the camper books as normal. No extra cost to them, just more convenience. To cover costs I keep 10% and forward 90% to the camp owner
So they don't have to invest anything either and now they sell a pitch, where before, that pitch might not be sold at all. Everybody happy!

I am currently working on developing this and hope to roll out this service early 2017, before we hit the main season.

Happy camping!!!
Robin van de Ven
Creator of

How It Works - For camp site/park owners

We have already gathered some information about your business which is publicly available through the internet (your website, google, tripadvisor, etc), taking the hassle away for you having to provide that. You can edit/maintain this information when and where required, thus automatically keeping your online presence up-to-date as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc constant scrape our website you now get free SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your business.
If you wish, you can make pitches available for online booking. You choose how many you wish to advertise, keeping some for you to sell yourself. You can change the amount of pitches at any time. However if 10 pitches are advertised and booked on a day, you can not reduce it as our system will already show customers you are fully booked. You can however add another 5 or 10 pitches, allowing more campers to book.
You can also set and control the prices on From every booking we keep 15% (just to cover all our costs). this is nun-refundable to the customer. If you wish we can take 100% of the booking and forward you the 85% or you can ask customers to pay the remaining 85% on arrival. In case of full payment; We can transfer through bank transfer or paypal. Each booking has a unique reference number, so we are able to validate that all payments are send and you will be able to confirm they are received.
For further queries; please contact us via our contact page.
A full FAQ section is currently under construction and will be available once the website is launched.

How It Works - For campers

Search and find a campsite; if you wish you can contact the park direct or book through our website. Once booked you and the camp owner will receive a confirmation email with a REFERENCE NUMBER. Use this when you arrive on the campsite allowing them to easily validate and guide you to your pitch(es).
Payment is made at time of booking via VISA, MASTERCARD or PAYPAL account. As decided by the campsite, you with pay 15% at time of booking and 85% at arrival or 100% at time of booking. 15% of your total price payable is non-refundable. To cancel a booking, please contact the camp site direct. Contact detail can be found on your booking confirmation email.

A full FAQ section is currently under construction and will be available once the website is launched.